Universities Using West Bond Machines

With pride and gratitude, West·Bond presents its report card from the Universities of the world in the form of this list of those who have become our customers with current model machines. There are over 350 universities worldwide that have purchased and used West·Bond equipment. We feel especially honored that our machines were chosen to give students their first experiences with the bonding processes. After examining this list, please proceed to Our Recommendations for selections best suited for this purpose.


1 Acreo – Royal Technical University of Stockholm Sweden 7476E-79 (2)
2 Albion College U.S.A 7476E-79
3 Aoyama Gakuin University Japan 7476D
4 Arizona State University U.S.A 7700D
5 Australian National University Australia 747677E-79
6 Bar-llan University Israel 7476E-79 (3)
7 Beijing Qinghua University China 7603D, 7476D-79, 7372E, 7316C-79
8 Beijing University of Science and Technology China 7476E-79, 7700D
9 Bilkent University Netherlands 7367E
10 Brigham Young University U.S.A 545657E-79
11 Brooklyn College – CUNY U.S.A 747677E-79
12 California Institute of Technology U.S.A 7476E-79 (3), 7476D-79 (2)
13 Capres A/S (Danish University of Copenhagen Copenhagen 7200CR-79, 454647E-79
14 Case Western  Reserve University U.S.A 747730E-79, 7700D-79
15 Central Michigan University U.S.A 7476D-79
16 Changehun Univ. of Science &Tech China 7700D-79 (2), 7476D-79
17 Chengdu School of Microelectronics & Solid State Electronic China 7476E, 70PTE
18 Chendu University of Electronics China 7476D-79
19 Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 747677E-79
20 Chung-Shan Institute of Science Taiwan 545657E-70, 7700E-79 (5), 7476E-79, 7372E
21 Cornell University U.S.A 747630E-79 (2)
22 Dartmouth College U.S.A 7476E-79
23 Dong Nan University China 7476E-79 (2)
24 East China Institute of Photo Electronic China 7476E-79 (3), 7476D-79, 7700E-79 (3), 7367E, 70PTE, 7200CR-79 (5), 7316C-79 (2)
25 Florida State University U.S.A 7700E-79, 7476D-79 (2)
26 Fraunhofer Institute FHR Netherlands 747677E
27 Fudan University Lab. of Advanced Materials China 7476D
28 Georgia Institute of Technology U.S.A 7476D-79 (2), 7476D (2), 7372E, 747630EX
29 Guangdong University of Technology China 454647E-79
30 Guilin University of Electronic Technology China 7476E (2), 747677E, 7200CR, 7316C
31 Hanbat National University South Korea 7372E
32 Harvard University U.S.A 747677E-79 (2), 747630E-79 (2)
33 Hokkaido University Japan 7476D, 7100C (2)
34 Hong Kong University Science and Technology Japan 7476E-79
35 Huazhong University of Sci & Tech China 7200CR
36 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India 7700D
37 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad India 747677E-79
38 Indiana University -Bloominton U.S.A 7400C-79
39 Institute Catala de Nanotecnologia Netherlands 7.4763E-74
40 Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica Mexico 7476D-79 (2)
41 Institute of Atomic And Molecular Science Taiwan 7476E-79
42 Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology Hong Kong 7476E-79
43 Institute of Photonic Sciences Netherlands 7476E-79
44 Jilin University China 7476D
45 Johns Hopkins University U.S.A 7700E-79, 747677E-79
46 Kanazawa University Japan 7476D
47 Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University Russia 747677E-79
48 Keio University Japan 7476D
49 Korea Electronics Technology Institute South Korea 7372E (2)
50 Korea Institute of Science and Technology South Korea 5.456E-76
51 Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) South Korea 7200CR-79
52 KwangJu Institute of Science and Technology South Korea 7476D-79
53 Kyoto University Japan 7476D, 7700D,7200 (3), 7327C
54 Kyunghee University South Korea 7200CR-79
55 Loughborough University England 7476D-79
56 Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A 7476D-79 (3)
57 Mongji University South Korea 7372E
58 Musashi University Japan 7400C-79
59 Nagoya University Japan 7476D (2), 7100C, 7200CR
60 Nanjing University of Technology China 7700D, 7476D
61 Nanyang Technoloical University Hong Kong 7372E, 454647EX
62 National Central University Taiwan 7700D-79
63 National Cheng Kung University Taiwan 7476E-79, 747677E-79
64 National Chiao Tung University Korea 7700E (2), 7700D-79
65 National Institute For Materials Science Japan 7200CR (2)
66 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan 7327C
67 National Institute of Standards and Technology U.S.A 7476E-79
68 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan 747677E-79
69 National Technological University  Singapore Singapore 747677E-79, 7476E-79
70 National University of Defense U.S.A 7367E
71 National University Of Singapore Singapore 7476E-79 (3), 747677E-79
72 Norfolk State University U.S.A 747677E-79
73 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Canada 7700D-79
74 Northwestern University U.S.A 7476E-79
75 Okinawa National College of Technology Japan 7316C-79
76 Oregon State University U.S.A 747677E-79
77 Osaka Prefecture University Japan 7476D (2)
78 Osaka University Japan 7476D, 7700D, 7327C-79
79 Peking University China 7476D
80 Pennsylvania State University U.S.A 747677E-79 (2)
81 POSTECH UNIVERSITY South Korea 7400C-79
82 Princeton University U.S.A 747630E (2)
83 Purdue University U.S.A 7476D-79
84 Queens University – Belfast England 7.73E-76
85 Renmin University China 7476D
86 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute U.S.A 7700D, 7200CR
87 Russian Academy of Science Netherlands 7476D
88 Saratov State University Finland 747677E-79, 7372E
89 Seoul National University South Korea 7476D-79 (3)
90 Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy China 7476E-79 (4), 7316C-79 (2), 7367E, 747677E-79, 70PTE, 7700E-79, 7200CR-79, 7476D
91 Shanghai Jiao Tong University China 7476D
92 Shanghai University China 747677E
93 Sophia University Japan 7327C
94 South East University China 7.4763E-74
95 South West Scientific University China 7200CR (2), 7476E-79 (2), 7603D-79 (2), 4546E-79
96 Standford University U.S.A 7476D-79 (5), 7476E-79 (3), 4546E-79
97 State University of New York – Stonybrook U.S.A 454647E-79
98 Swinburne University of Technology Australia 7372E, 454647E-79
99 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH) Netherlands 7476E-79
100 Tampere University of Technology Netherlands 4700E-79
101 Tata Institute of fundamental Research England 747677E-79 (2)
102 Technical University of Eindhoven Netherlands 4700E-79
103 Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Israel 7476D-79
104 Temple University U.S.A 7476D-79
105 Texas Tech University U.S.A 747677E-79
106 The Ohio State University U.S.A 747677E-79 (2)
107 The University of Calgary U.S.A 454647E-79
108 The University of Texas – Pan American U.S.A 7.4763E-74
109 The University of Tulsa U.S.A 7700E-79
110 Tohoku University Japan 7700C, 7200CR
111 Tokushima University Japan 7200CR-79
112 Tokyo Institute of Technology Hong Kong 7200CR, 7327C-79, 7476D-79, 7476D
113 Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan 7476D
114 Tokyo University Japan 74676D-79 (7), 7700D (2), 7200CR (5)
115 Tongji University Japan 7316C, 7476D-79
116 Toyohashi University of Technology Japan 7700D
117 Tsinghua University China 7476D
118 Tsukuba University Japan 7200CR
119 Tulane University U.S.A 7476E-79
120 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico 737430E-79
121 U.S. Naval Academy U.S.A 747677E-79
122 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico 737430E-79
123 Universidade Estadual De Campinas Brazil 747677E
124 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Brazil 7476D-79
125 Universita ‘Dell ‘Insubria-Como Italy 747677E-79
126 Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Netherlands 7476D
127 Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris Hong Kong 7476D-79
128 Universiti Putra Malaysia Hong Kong 7700D
129 Universiti Teknologi Petronas Hong Kong 7700E
130 Universiti Telekom Sdn Bhd Hong Kong 7476E
131 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Hong Kong 4546EX
132 University de Neuchatel Netherlands 7476D-79
133 University of British Columbia Canada 7476E-79 (2)
134 University of California , Santa Barbara U.S.A 7700D-79
135 University of California, Berkeley U.S.A 7476E-79 (3), 7476D-79 (2), 747677E-79 (2)
136 University of California, Davis U.S.A 747677E-79
137 University of California, Irvine U.S.A 747677E-79, 7201CR
138 University of California, Riverside U.S.A 7476E-79 (3), 7700E-79
139 University of California, Santa Barbara U.S.A 747677E-79 (3), 4546-79
140 University of Central Florida U.S.A 7476D (2)
141 University of Colorado U.S.A 747630E-79, 7476E-79 (2)
142 University of Connecticut U.S.A 747630E-79 (2)
143 University of Dusseldorf Netherlands 7476D-79
144 University of Electro-Communications Japan 7476D
145 University of Groningen Netherlands 7476E-79
146 Univeristy of Hyderabad England 7476D
147 University of London England 7476E
148 University of Maryland U.S.A 454647E-79
149 University of Missouri U.S.A 7700E-79
150 University of Nebraska U.S.A 7476E-79
151 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill U.S.A 7476D-79 (2)
152 University of North Texas U.S.A 747677E-79
153 University of Oklahoma U.S.A 7700D-79
154 University of Ottawa Canada 7476E-79
155 University of Pittsburgh U.S.A 454647E-79
156 University of Rhode Island U.S.A 7476E-79
157 University of South Carolina U.S.A 747677E-79 (2)
158 University of Southern California U.S.A 7476D-79 (2), 7372E
159 University of Surrey England 7476D-79
160 University of Sydney Australia 747630-79
161 University of Texas at Arlington U.S.A 4546E-79
162 University of Washington U.S.A 747677E-79, 4700E-79
163 University of Waterloo U.S.A 7476E-79
164 University of Wisconsin U.S.A 747677E-79 (2), 7476E-79
165 University of Wyoming U.S.A 7476D-79
166 University Trondheim Norway Norway 7.47677E-65
167 University Twente Netherlands 7476E-79
168 Vanderbilt University U.S.A 7476D-79
169 Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University U.S.A 7372E, 747677E-79
170 Waseda University Japan 7476D-79, 7136C
171 Washington State University U.S.A 454647E-79
172 Wuhan University of Technology China 7476E-79
173 Xi’An Jiao Da University China 747677E-79
174 Xi’nan Wuli University China 7700E-79, 7367E, 70PTE, 747630E-79, 4546E-79
175 Yale University U.S.A 747677E-79 (3), 747630E-79
176 Yamaguchi University Japan 7327C-79 (2)
177 Yamanashi University Japan 7200CR
178 Yokohama National  University Japan 7476D-79, 7476D
179 Yon Sei University Korea 7476D-79 (4), 7372E
180 Zhejiang University China 7476E (2), 7372E