Product Sub-Assemblies

Last revised: February 5, 2002

Following is a list of product sub-assemblies for use as spare parts for West·Bond machines, and also for stand alone use.
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Title: Description:


Thermocouple Assemblies


Assembly, Flowmeter, Table Mount


 Electronic Torch Assemblies


 Assembly, 1/2″ Spool Mount, E and F series machines


 Assembly, Back Joint, heavy duty, C, D, E, F series machines


 Assembly, Epoxy Reservoir with cap, 5/8cc, model 72CR


 Assembly, Epoxy Reservoir 7372E


 Assembly, Tie Bar, C, D, E series


Assembly, Tool Head, 110 KHz, wedge models 4546E, 5456E, 7476E


Assembly, Clamp Blade 45º, models “D”, “E”


 Assembly, Clamp Blade 45º, 3 – 4 mil wire, models “D”, “E”


Assembly, Clamp Blade 90º, Model “D”, “E”


 Assembly, Tool Head, 63 KHz, ball models 4700E, 5700E, 7700E


  Kit, Conversion, model series 7KE adding K~1100 despooler stand


 Assembly, Tool Head, 63 KHz, wedge models 4546E, 5456E, 7476E


 Assembly, Tool, model 7476D


 Assembly, Tool, model 7700D


 Assembly, 1/2″ spool mount, 7KD


 PCB, Ultrasonic Generator, 110 KHz (SMT)


 PCB, Ultrasonic Generator, 63 KHz (SMT)


 Shipping Bracket Kits


 Kit, X’ducer Replacement, Model 7476D


 Kit, X’ducer Replacement, Model 7603D


 Kit, X’ducer Replacement, Model 7700D


Assembly, Tool Head, Triple Combo, Model 7KF, 4KE, 7KE


 Assembly, Tool, Triple Combo, Model 7KFH, 4KEH, 7KEH


 Assembly, Radiant Heater Control, excluding radiant heater


 Assembly, Pressure regulator Valve, fittings, 100-psi gauge and bracket


 Assembly, Display, LCD


 Assembly, Toggle switch (Flat), connector and pin, model 7KE Series


 Assembly, Toggle switch (Round), connector and pin, model 7KE Series