20 inch by 20 inch Manipulator

How does one do manual wire bonding on a package that can be as large as 20 inches x 20 inches?

That’s crazy talk. It can’t be done…until now.

West·Bond has designed a unique solution to that challenging question. The machine that can accommodate such a large package is based on the 7KE, and the heart of what makes it tick is a newly created sliding, pivoting, four-bar linkage. This new linkage is fitted to the outside of the right leg of a widened 7KE frame and couples to the standard X-Y-Z Micromanipulator through a ball joint. Manipulator control of the tool head is moved outboard as part of the new linkage, and best of all, exact manipulator/tool head correspondence and counterbalance is maintained. Used in conjunction with an extra large, adjustable height, 20 inch x 20 inch work platform, and your extra large package wire bonding needs are answered.

West·Bond…unique solutions to challenging problems.